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In order to be of greater service during the Coronavirus pandemic, I'm offering spiritual direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a conversation with another person about where you are in your spiritual life, and how you can continue to find where the Divine is speaking to you.  It's guided by the need and desires of the client.

In times of great stress, it can be hard to find where God is.


For me, the practices I associate with helping integrate my spirituality and sexuality have been sustaining me during our current crisis.  Those practices fit into four categories:  Spiritual, Sensual/Physical, Partnered/Communal, and Creative.  By using these different ways of experiencing Grace, I've been able to keep my mind and body mostly calm, and have used them to help me move through the moments of fear, sadness, anger, and grief that have also come up.


In our spiritual direction sessions we'll meet weekly to chat about where you are and where God/the Divine is for you (or chat about how you feel abandoned by the Divine); and if useful I'll teach you some of my favorite practices to help you feel held and grounded.  


I'm Rachel Alba. 

I'm a certified clinical sexologist with a M.A. in Theology and Ministry.

I'm here to help you find pleasure in your sexuality and healing & growth in your spirituality.

Growing up a devout Catholic, I was taught a lot of unhelpful things about sexuality. The best thing I learned, however, was the Catholic Church's actual definition of Chastity: having an integrated body and soul.  For years this idea motivated me.  From dancing up to 20 hours a week in college, to studying Tantra and Kabbalah in NYC, to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. 


Now I help others find that same sexual-spiritual integration. Drawing upon my Masters in Theology and Ministry specialized in Sexual Theology and Faith Development, and my certificate in Clinical Sexology, I can help you find your own path to having sex with spirit in a life-giving, sex-positive, spiritually enriching way regardless of where you are in life.

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