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Sex With Spirit

find sexual freedom and spiritual growth

Do you want to...

End the conflict between your spiritual beliefs and sexual desires?

My course And God Said It Was Good was made with you in mind.  It's an 8-week course with the option of 1:1 coaching

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Heal from your religious upbringing and find sexual freedom?

Finally Free a 4 month,

1:1 coaching program

is a personalized, safe container to embrace your sexuality and heal your spirituality

Explore how sex can be a way to feel closer to the Divine?

Principles of Christian Tantra in a 6 week live course that will revolutionize the way you see sex and God.

Reopens April 2020!


I'm Rachel Alba. 

I'm a certified clinical sexologist with a M.A. in Theology and Ministry.

I'm here to help you find pleasure in your sexuality and healing & growth in your spirituality.

Growing up a devout Catholic, I was taught a lot of unhelpful things about sexuality. The best thing I learned, however, was the Catholic Church's actual definition of Chastity: having an integrated body and soul.  For years this idea motivated me.  From dancing up to 20 hours a week in college, to studying Tantra and Kabbalah in NYC, to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. 


Now I help others find that same sexual-spiritual integration. Drawing upon my Masters in Theology and Ministry specialized in Sexual Theology and Faith Development, and my certificate in Clinical Sexology, I can help you find your own path to having sex with spirit in a life-giving, sex-positive, spiritually enriching way regardless of where you are in life.

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