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The body is Holy

The body is Divine

The body is Soul



I'm Rachel Alba

I'm a certified clinical sexologist with a M.A. in Theology and Ministry.

I'm here to help you find pleasure in your sexuality and healing & growth in your spirituality.

Growing up a devout Catholic, I was taught a lot of unhelpful things about sexuality. The best thing I learned, however, was the Catholic Church's actual definition of Chastity: having an integrated body and soul.  For years this idea motivated me.  From dancing up to 20 hours a week in college, to studying Tantra and Kabbalah in NYC, to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. 


Now I help others find that same sexual-spiritual integration. Drawing upon my Masters in Theology and Ministry specialized in Sexual Theology and Faith Development, and my certificate in Clinical Sexology, I can help you find your own path to having sex with spirit in a life-giving, sex-positive, spiritually enriching way regardless of where you are in life.

You can read more about my story here.



Savor, 1:1 Coaching

Personalized Support

We've been told that spirituality is there to "fix" us.  To "save" us from our egos, from sin, from illusion.  But really, spirituality is meant to help us love and accept ourselves as we are.

If we learn to savor our spirit, our senses, and our sexuality, we'll naturally come to savor, accept, and love our whole selves. 



Communal Support as you Grow

And God Said It Was Good is an 8-week course that combines sex-positive theology and sexology to ensure you have the foundation necessary to find sexual freedom & spiritual growth. 

Translating Tantra takes this work one step further by helping you see everything as part of the Mystical Body of Christ using tantric concepts and rituals.  

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Resources to take at your own pace

Pornography Detox is a month-long program that guides you through identifying your triggers for using pornography and helps you have the freedom to choose when you use porn and when to not. OPEN NOW


Quicky Conciousness to Conscious Lover is a course for men who have sex with women.  In this 5-part course men learn how to be an incredible lover and how to increase pleasure for themselves and their partners. Coming soon.

Want more Sex with Spirit ?

Find free info and goodies at my Instagram Account or on my blog.  Enjoy!