Finally Free!

4 months of 1:1 Coaching 

to heal from your religious upbringing and find sexual freedom

  • Do you want to be authentic in your spiritual and sexual life?

  • Do you feel like you've started to outgrow your church community but aren't sure where to go next?

  • Maybe you feel like your religious upbringing has stunted your sexual confidence? 

I believe that everyone,

especially you,

deserves to feel free

to be exactly who they are

sexually and spiritually. 

When you're at a spiritual crossroads and feel anxious about sex & sexuality because of it you need a safe place to be yourself-- with all your emotions, all your doubts, all your fears.  

You need someone to hold a vision of the person you'll become on the other side.  Someone who's been through it themselves and wants to help you find a gentler way toward sexual freedom and spiritual growth.

Let me be the first to tell you:

You are not alone.

You can do this.


I can help.

The Path

Each module include two coaching sessions 


Create A Space For Healing

The first month is all about creating a space for growth.  

  • define your goals

  • permission to change

  • find community support (there's a private Facebook group)


Let Go of beliefs and practices holding you back

In month two you'll let go of all the junk.

  • we'll identify problematic spiritual and sexual beliefs 

  • work through what's keeping those beliefs there.


Find beliefs and practices to help you live authentically

Now that we've cleared the way, in month three we can start to explore new spiritual and sexual practices.  


Celebrate & Integrate Growth

This is some of the toughest and most important work. 

  • integrate growth into your relationships and religious community.

  • Celebrate your incredible work!

  • Make a plan for your next steps.

The Specifics

When you sign up for Finally Free!  you'll receive: ​

  • 8, 50-minute coaching calls every other week

  • Private (and secret) Facebook group for on-going support from me and other coaching clients going through the same process you are.

  • Email support from me whenever you need it!

Investment:    4 monthly payments of $389 

                           or pay in full for $1497

P.S.  I have very limited availability to start in November, so reach out now, or you'll have to wait until the new year.  

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