Your Delight is Divine Delight

The first responses I got from people when talking about your delight being divine delight is that it could totally be true, if we're not talking about sexual delight. For so many of us we were taught to fear sin, and to fear it a lot because our eternal salvation or eternal damnation was on the line. Regardless of what you believe about the afterlife now (I'll put my cards on the table and admit I'm ambivalent about an afterlife and if there is one I believe it's benevolent only) this intense teaching around sexual pleasure leading to potential eternal damnation is hard to shake out of your body. A lot of times I offer physical practices etc. but today I'm offering some mindset and theological shifts that you can use to help you believe that your delight is divine delight. 1) The Ecclesiological or Christological Argument for why your delight is divine delight:

Firstly, ecclesiology is the study of the Church--how we define Church, what we mean by it etc. Christology is the study of how Jesus is Christ and what Christ is. So, when I think about the Church as defined not by a hierarchical structure, but by the people who make up the Mystical Body of Christ, I'm able to see how our bodies are Christ's body. What my eyes see is what Christ sees. What my tongue tastes is what Christ tastes. And the same is true for you.