Sultry Salvation

5 months of 1:1 Coaching 

A personalized journey to help you find sexual freedom and spiritual growth

  • Do you want to be authentic in your spiritual and sexual life?

  • Do you feel like you've started to outgrow your church community but aren't sure where to go next?

  • Maybe you feel like your religious upbringing has stunted your sexual confidence? 

I believe that everyone,

especially you,

deserves to feel free

to be exactly who they are

sexually and spiritually. 

When you're at a spiritual crossroads and feel anxious about sex & sexuality because of it you need a safe place to be yourself-- with all your emotions, all your doubts, all your fears.  

You need someone to hold a vision of the person you'll become on the other side.  Someone who's been through it themselves and wants to help you find a gentler way toward sexual freedom and spiritual growth.

Let me be the first to tell you:

You are not alone.

You can do this.


I can help.

The Path


Create A Space For Healing

First we create a space for growth.  

  • define your goals

  • permission to change

  • find community support 


Let Go of beliefs and practices holding you back

 Let go of all the junk.

  • identify problematic  beliefs 

  • notice why those beliefs there.


Find beliefs and practices to help you live authentically

explore new spiritual and sexual practices.  


Celebrate & Integrate Growth

This is some of the toughest and most important work. 

  • integrate growth into your relationships and spiritual community.

  • Celebrate your incredible work!

  • Make a plan for your next steps.

The Specifics

  • 5 months of 1:1 Coaching 

  • access to 2 premium courses: And God Said It Was Good and Translating Tantra

Each month:

  • 3 1:1 coaching sessions (2 sex coaching sessions; 1 spiritual direction session)

  • The last week of the month is for integration and rescheduling if necessary.  Appointments are regularly scheduled each week.



5 monthly payments of $650 


12 monthly payments of $325

The Schedule


          Week of October 5:  First sex coaching session
          Week of October 11: First Spiritual Direction Session
          Week of October 18: Sex Coaching session

          Week of October 25: Integration week
          And God Said It Was Good: Units 1-4 released weekly



         Week of November 1: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of November 8: Spiritual Direction Session

         Week of November 15: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of November 22: Integration Week 

         And God Said It Was Good: Units 5-7 released



         Week of November 29/December 1: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of December 6: Spiritual Direction Session

         Week of December 13: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of December 20: Integration Week

         Week of December 27: Integration Week

         And God Said It Was Good: Unit 8 Released

         Translating Tantra: Units 1 & 2 released



         Week of January 3: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of January 10: Spiritual Direction Session

         Week of January 17: Sex Coaching Session 

         Week of January 24: Integration Week
         Translating Tantra: Units 3 & 4 released

         Week of January 31/February 1: Sex Coaching Session

         Week of February 7: Spiritual Direction Session

         Week of February 14: Concluding Session!
         Translating Tantra: Units: 5 & 6 released


Ready to have sexual freedom and grow spiritually?

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