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Translating Tantra for Christians

A 6-week Live Course


If you're honest, Tantra is intriguing....

but you're not sure how to make sense it, or even where to start.

Lucky for you, I've done the work of studying with some of the best Tantra teachers, done the practices, and studied Christian theology with the intention of integrating all of it into a robust take on Sexuality, Sensuality, and Spirituality.

At the end of these 6-weeks you'll have a blueprint for applying Spiritual, Sensual, Creative, and Communal practices to your life in a way that brings the wisdom of Tantra into your Christian life.

Weekly Topics

The basic principles of Tantra and how they relate to Christianity.

Week 1

The core of Christianity as the Mystical Body of Christ and experiencing Christ in all things, including our bodies.

Week 2

How Spiritual and Creative practices help us carry Christ consciousness into our sexuality.

Week 3

How Sensual/Physical  and Communal/Partnered practices help us carry Christ consciousness into our sexuality.

Week 4 

Could Jesus be considered a Tantrika?  How did he embody the core tantric principles

Week 5

Seeing God in the other.  Tantric Goddess Puja redefined as a Christian practice.

Week 6

Schedule and Format

Live call every Wednesday at 12pm EST for 6 weeks, starting January 8. 

Each week includes a live group call.  These calls will be recorded so if you can't attend live, it'll be available to watch later.

The course includes a private Facebook group where extra book suggestions, and resources will be posted.  This is also community of Christian Tantrikas who can support each other in their growth.


One payment of $297


4 monthly payments of $89